For more than half a century, CHS has researched, developed, tested and distributed its own hybrid sunflower seeds. CHS focuses its hybrid seed-breeding efforts on improving yield and performance of confectionary planting seeds while meeting the quality requirements and ever-changing tastes of sunflower seed consumers around the world. 

Current Royal Hybrid® Varieties

Royal Hybrid 1121®
  •     Traditional type seed (17.02mm length)
  •     Very good seed size
  •     Good plantability
  •     Very good yield potential and stability (long history)
  •     Mid-maturity (120 days to physiological maturity)
  •     Three-way hybrid

Royal Hybrid 609® CLP
  •     Clearfield® Plus hybrid
  •     Very good Clearfield tolerance
  •     Improved weed control with MSO
  •     Good size and length (19mm)
  •     Good yield potential
  •     Early-mid maturity (119 days to physiological maturity)
  •     Good plantability
  •     Single-cross hybrid; very uniform

Royal Hybrid® 396 EX
  •     DuPont™ ExpressSun™ hybrid
  •     Late maturity (123 days to physiological maturity)
  •     Good rust tolerance
  •     Very healthy hybrid with good staygreen
  •     Single-cross hybrid; very uniform
  •     Good standability
  •     Good seed size and length (20mm)

Royal Hybrid® 208 EX
  •     DuPont™ ExpressSun™ hybrid
  •     Early-mid maturity
  •     Good color
  •     19mm seed
  •     High percent 24/64
  •     Good stalk strength
  •     Good plantability
Seed Research and Development
CHS is the only major processor that maintains its own hybrid seed division, staffed by seed genetics experts and complete with comprehensive nursery, greenhouse and laboratory facilities. Year after year, we put thousands of hybrids through rigorous lab tests and field trials in order to fine-tune the most desirable characteristics based on customer input and market demand. Traits like rich flavor, firm kernels, large size and unique shaping, not to mention improved yields and consistent quality. And all our sunflower seed development is free from any genetically modified source.