Sunflower Kernel

Food companies favor the sunflower kernel as a flavorful and nutritious ingredient for a variety of commercial uses including prepackaged or industrial food service formulations. Bakers appreciate this cost-efficient way to add taste, texture and eye appeal to a variety of baked goods. Kernels require no prep, such as chopping, are shelf-stable, and are not a major allergen. Consumers choose them as an important source of protein, fiber, lipids, minerals and vitamins. With a subtle nutty flavor, crunchy sunflower kernels bring distinction to any formulation. Roasted or raw. 

350-450Very large confection kernel; largest in the industry. Best suited for trail mixes, toppings and premium snack applications; non-GMO
450-650Large confection kernel; well suited for all applications; non-GMO
BakerySmall kernel; well suited as an ingredient; non-GMO