In-shell sunflower

In-shell sunflower seeds are a nutritious, convenient snacking choice around the world. High in protein and fiber, and naturally low in carbohydrates, they are among the best whole-grain source of Vitamin E. Large in both size and taste, these seeds are available raw or roasted, with or without salt. 

Agway XL-10 Extra-long type in-shell; non-GMO 
Agway XL-8Smaller extra-long in-shell; non-GMO
Agway XTLargest conventional in-shell; non-GMO 
Agway 24/64 Very large conventional type in-shell; non-GMO 
Agway 22/64Large conventional type in-shell; non-GMO
Agway 20/64Medium conventional type in-shell; non-GMO